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Curriculum Vitae
Pubblicato il 07-10-2017 - Visto: 1041 volte
Nome:  Corrado Snaiderbaur ,   (Tutta Italia)

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Curriculum vitae

Captain Corrado Snaiderbaur

Master on ships between 500 and 3000 gross ton. (Commercial I.M.O. Certificate )

Personal data

Born in Rapallo (Genoa) Italy -­16 Feb 1967

Address: Località Semorile 30/A – 16035 -­Zoagli ( GE ) -­ITALY 

Tel. : (+39) 0185 25 00 86

Mobile: (+39 )388 58 44 126 and +974 33 77 36 87 

Email: -­ 

Education : High School Diploma

Marital Status : Married

Hobbies : Gym, Travelling, Harley Davidson, gardening, cooking.

Spoken languages

Italian – Mother tongue

English – Fluent

French , Spanish -­working level

Professional Qualifications

STCW CoC – Reg .II/2 issued by the Italian Maritime Authority -­

Master on ships between 500 and 3000 G.T.-­ Commercial/Pleasure Yachts - Sailing Vessel even 

MCA-­ UK C.E.C. , Master up to 3000 GT -­ Commercial/Pleasure Yachts

Seaman's book : Entered in the register of The Italian Seafarers at n. 025372/GE – 1° Category

I.M.O Certificate courses

STCW/MANILA 2010 -­Basic Safety Training and Advanced Fire Fighting 

Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (M.A.M.S.)

Radar Observation and Plotting, Radar A.R.P.A,  Radar BTW – SAR

Medical First Aid and Medical Care

G.M.D.S.S. ( G.O.C. ) issued by M.C.A

S.S.O. – Ship Security Officer

E.C.D.I.S Course (FURUNO & SPERRY specialization) 

UK LAP Grade one issued by M.C.A./S.Q.A.

Human Element Leadership and Management course

Engineering knowledge

Engine: MTU,G.M., Man, Volvo, Caterpillar, Yanmar, Yamaha, Evinrude. 

Air-­con: Condaria, Frigomar

Water maker: HP, Idromar

Pumps: Gianneschi , Calpeda

Sewage treatment System : Hamann AG

Management skills

Excellent personnel management

Public relations skills.

Good communication skills. Computer literate

Refitting and projects management skills

Excellent budgeting and accounting skills

Environmental regulations knowledge

Insurance matter knowledge. ( 3 years of experience as insurance surveyor )

Proven record of navigation

24 years of experience in both Charter and Pleasure Yachts

14 years of sailing recorded in the Seaman Book -­10 years as freelancer

Personal profile

My work began as a hobby in my youth and when I became professional in 1992 I'ʹve been captain at several
pleasure yachts made ​​by Ferretti, Canados, Sea Ray, Baia, from 60 to 85 feet in length, sailing across the 
Mediterranean Sea. As I started to work in the Yachting Industry climbing up step by step , I know directly any aspect
of tasks and hierarchies, because I covered all assignments on board.

Over the years I have gained experience in administrative and economic management of both Charter and Pleasure
Yachts and still today I'ʹm following a path of constant update, studying and challenging new experiences.

I have an “all around” knowledge of the on-­board mechanics, the hydraulic and electronics and a big experience of
maneuvering different boats (motor / sail) as well as a good knowledge of ports and safe havens of the Med and the Middle East. Last but not least, I'ʹm well focused on "ʺthe hospitality"ʺ which to say, I know very well how
to provide an excellent service to the guests onboard.

My Goals

My aim is taking command of a larger yacht ,either private pleasure, charter or a mix.

During the years of the international crisis I have had to change yachts for several reasons. Today I'ʹm idellay looking  for a long term engagement with a stable yacht owner, based in the Mediterranean.


Ocean Independence -­ Antibes ( France )
Mrs. Judith Amselli

Tel. +33 (0) 49 29 12 626

Aqualux/SNO – Monaco –

Mr. Alex Treleani and Agata Grillo

Tel. +33 (0) 60 79 34 850

References from owners of yachts on which I've worked available on request.

Work experience in the last 15 years

Date: From July 2013 / today

Position: Captain/Engineer

Vessel: Pleasure Yacht -­Canados 86 'ʹAl Wahm'ʹ 

Where: Doha, Qatar. The Pearl Marina

Travels: Middle East

Duties: Management of the ship and cruises 
organization, engineer. Accounting.

Date: From March to 2013 to July 2013

Position: Captain/Engineer

Vessel: Charter Yacht -­Akhir 85 “Leila Lina” 

Where: Imperia– Italy - ­Imperia Port

Travels: All Tyrrhenian sea/French Riviera 

Duties: Management of the ship and cruises
organization , engineer. Accounting.

Reason to leave : The boat was for sale

Date: Winter 2013

Position: Captain

Vesse:l Charter Yacht -­ Benetti 30 mt. “Salve” 

Where: Marina Molo Vecchio – Genoa – Italy. 

Travels: Northern Tyrrhenian Sea.

Duties: I attended the Owner ’s Company for 
the demonstration trials in order to sell the ship.

Reason to leave : The boat was sold

Date: Summer 2012 ( 8 Months )

Position: Captain

Vessel: Charter Sailing Vessel -­ Mag France 80 ft. 

Where: Genoa Sestri Ponente – Italy

Travels: All Tyrrhenian Sea
Duties Skipper, engineer. 
Relationships with the Charter Agency. Accounting 

Reason to leave : The owner was hiring crew
only for the season.

Date: Summer 2011 ( 8 Months )

Position: Captain/engineer

Vessel: Charter Yacht -­ Dominator 860 “III Caroclà “ -

Where: SNO Yachts Marina – Olbia –Italy

Travels: All Tyrrhenian Sea

Duties: Direction and control of warranty works. 
Management of the ship and cruises organization. Engineer. 

Reason to leave : The boat has been seized by the bank.

Date: Summer 2010 ( 8 Months )

Position: Captain/engineer

Vessel: Pleasure Yacht -­Akhir 20 S “Cucù Tetè” 

Where: Molo Luise , Naples – Italy.

Travels: Central and Northern Tyrrhenian Sea

Duties: Control of the refurbishment work .Engineer, 
Management of the ship and cruises organization.

Reason to leave : The boat was sold

Date From 2007 to 2009

Position: Captain/engineer

Vessel: Charter Yacht – Canados 86 “Blue Chip ” 

Where: Canados Shipyard-­ Rome -­ Italy.

Travels: All Tyrrhenian Sea/French Riviera 

Duties: I followed the building of the new boat managed the ship,relationships with the Central Agency,cruises organization, engineer. 

Reason to leave : The boat was sold

Date: From 2005 to 2007

Position: Captain/engineer

Vessel Charter Yacht -­ Uniesse 72 “Blue Ice” 

Where: Capri Marina – Naples – Italy
Travels All Tyrrhenian sea/French Riviera 

Duties: Management of the ship and cruises organization. I attended the Owner for the
sea trials in order to sell the ship,then 
I followed the building of the new yacht.

Reason to leave : The boat was sold to buy the new one ( Blue Chip )

Date: From 2002 to 2005

Position: Captain/engineer

Vessel: Pleasure Yacht – Alalunga 68 “Jonathan” 

Where: Riva di Traiano Marina – Civitavecchia – Italy. 

Travels All Tyrrhenian sea

Duties: It was a private yacht, but used for public 
relations with celebrities of the TV jet set 

Reason to leave : The boat was sold

Date: Winter 2002 
Position: Captain/engineer
Vessel: Pleasure Yacht – Canados 80 “Garuda” 

Where:Ostia Lido - Rome and Marina Porto Antico - Genova 

Travels Tyrrhenian sea
 I followed the building of the new boat, then managed the ship.

In addition to the boardings listed above, I occasionally offered my expertise for

technical advice, I made boat transfers up to 100 feet , regattas assistance , fishing, assistance to

groups of divers with Scuba devices, direction of construction or refurbishment of boats in both wood and fiberglass.

I authorize the processing of personal data in accordance with Italian law 675/96

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