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Top Trends in Megayacht Marinas

The number of megayachts worldwide has more than doubled in the last decade. Yet, there remains a global shortage of specifically-designed berths for yachts 100-feet and over. This critical lack of “parking space” became apparent this summer when a Saudi prince docked his 265-footer in the last available slip at Millionaire’s Quay in Cap d’Antibes and left Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich to moor his 533-foot Eclipse offshore. The good news is that movers-and-shakers in the international marina industry are capitalizing on cutting-edge trends to make sure the megayachts at their docks feel right at home. more

Go Geocaching for High Tech Treasure Hunting

Ready for a new kind of adventure? How about going in search of treasure buried on a deserted island, hidden on a peak above a tropical bay or secreted away in an underwater cave? There are thousands of sites like this just waiting to be discovered worldwide through a new sport called geocaching. So, grab your hiking boots, climbing equipment and scuba gear, because excitement awaits! more

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Checking in on the Chester

Recently, I was invited to an old crewmember’s wedding in Chester on the southwest coast of Nova Scotia, about 60 miles west of Halifax. I’d been to Nova Scotia a couple of times before but had not ventured west of Kentville and the small villages at the top of the Bay of Fundy, which, I have to say, are a must-see for anyone’s bucket list.

I arrived in Chester to find a vibe that I didn’t expect. There were people everywhere and hundreds of sailing boats. The Chester Yacht Club was setting up a stage in the garden, and the flags were flying for the start of the historic Chester Race Week. I’d heard about this race but had no idea it was so big. more

Developing Yacht Crew of the Highest Caliber

In the 2008-09 Volvo Ocean Race, the Swedish flagged Ericsson 4 reeled off 596 miles in 24 hours, a monohull record. And only 18 days after the race’s start. They went on to virtually lap the field, securing the overall win after finishing third in Stockholm on Leg Nine. There was still one leg to go. Ericsson 4 would have a victory lap.

Their story, which I recently read in the prologue (by Sean McNeill) to Mark Chisnell’s High Stakes, High Seas: The Race Around the World, highlights the importance of leadership and teamwork to win at the highest levels of the sport.more

Giving Presence and Presents

“You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.” - John Wooden

Working on a yacht can be lonely. Special occasions — anniversaries, birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Boxing Day and Baba Marta — might be spent with other crewmembers or working. Family traditions and friends are traded for the opportunity to travel while serving others. For this privilege, we men and women of the sea receive a paycheck and the adventure of the journey. We enjoy and live vicariously through the many cultures of the exotic places that we visit. Consider making these special occasions “giving days.” The yachts on which we live and work afford us the ideal situation for giving to others in areas where, many times, people are less fortunate than ourselves. more

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Is there a vibration or shudder aboard that you just can’t figure out? Frustrated with persisting noise that you just can’t get rid of? Is there a piece of running gear or equipment that is about to fail, and if so, do you know about it? The growing field of vibration analysis can tell you all you need to know with the help of someone who speaks their language and can analyze them, helping you identify problems before it’s too late. more

Anita Valium's The Beauty Advantage

Lunching as usual on the Riviera on a bright but chilly autumnal day, we ordered a round of dirty martinis. A rather sexy young man brought them out to us, leaving us all plastered with big grins, unable to say “merci beaucoup” enough times and staring lewdly at the poor lamb. As he walked (OK, ran) back to his station, Siobhan laughed at how, if we were men and leered like that over a young woman, we’d be chastised. “Yes,” I agreed. “But only if we were caught.” more

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