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Curriculum Vitae
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Nome:  Dragos ,   (Tutta Italia)
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Cerco Imbarco da Marinaio

Dragos-dorin Iosif


M 13.06.1977 unmarried

Address: str. Gavrilov Corneliu nr.103 bl. A5 sc. A ap.16, bucuresti

Phone 0742858755


Driving License:  Cat.B, Since:04.02.1998

Military status: yes



My primary objective is to activate in a serious company.

Benefits: I'm expecting that according to the work I make, to get different bonuses and to have the possibility to progress.

Job Type: Full time

Availability: anytime

work experience


COMERCIAL AGENT 15.06.2008 - still working 


Working city: Bucuresti

Departament: sales

ASSISTANT WAITER, WAITER, STEWARD  15.11.2005 - 04.05.2008 

Company:Grimaldi Group

Working city: STRAINATATE

Salary: 850 - 1600

Departament: travel/hospitality/hotel staff

Company activity field : Ro-Ro Passenger


As a assistant waiter, I served passangers, prepared the drinks, cleaning the restaurant. As a waiter, I had 4 subordinated and as a steward for the officialities I served tables and cleaned the cabins.


Tania Pirotto- my direct superior


I raised the wine sales with 110%, I also got a promotion for the next embarkation. I got reccomandation for the Cruise Roma, one of the biggest and the newest Ro-Ro Passengers ship.


The payment for overtime and extraovertime.

CALL CENTER OPERATOR 26.03.2007 - 08.06.2007 

Company:Angelo Costa

Working city: Bucuresti

Salary: 1000 RON

Departament: customer/client service

Company activity field : Call sellings, telemarketing


As a call center operator, I called the clients in the data base in order to convince them to buy the firm products and I also offered them assistance whenever they needed.


Cosmina Iosif- my team leader


I obtained almost 40 contacts with the clients in two months.


No benefits

ADMINISTRATOR 15.06.2001 - 10.09.2005 

Company:Country Club

Working city: STRAINATATE

Salary: 1600 Euro

Departament: restaurant/food service/catering

Company activity field : Touristic field, 130 employees. The touristic complex had tennis courts, bar, restaurant, piano bar, pool.


The correct administration of the all the complex facillities and in the evening, I was in direct contact with the clients in order to find out their needs, oppinions or complains.


Andreea Nocela- my employer


Along with my team, I succeded to have the biggest cashing in Costa Smeralda in 2004-2005.


Insurance, appartment and car assured.




No.2 Industrial Highschool, Automatization Department, 1992-1996, Tulcea"Spiru Haret" University, International Management, 2007-present, Tulcea

Courses, certificates & awards

Courses and certificates of: cook-waiter, basic corse for the auxiliar personnel for shipping



Foreign Languages(writing/speech/reading):

italian (medium,advanced,advanced)

english (medium,medium,medium)

PC Skills:

Good PC knowledge

Other skills or details that are relevant to your CV

All the experience I have accumulated travelling and working abroad mostly, helped become a better in what I am trained to do.

mini interview


1. Which was your biggest professional achievement?

I consider that one of my biggest achievment are the promotions for next embakations I got at the end of every contract.

2. Which was your biggest setback?

I don't think I ever made a considerable mistake in order to be mentioned.

3. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Working for a company in my country.

4. What's your biggest dream? Describe your ideal career

My biggest dream is to have a career in Romania

5. What job do you consider to suit you best?

A job which give me the possibility to have permanent contact with people: clients and workmates.

6. Describe your ideal company.

The ideal company is, in my opinion, the one which respects his employees.

7. Which is the department you would like to work in (you can make only one choice)? Explain why do you consider that you are right for the job and why you made that choice!

Clients assistance because I think I have accumulated enough experience during the past ten years.

8. Give a detailed description of your personality (hobbies, hopes, the things that motivate you, your lifestyle and workstyle, etc ).

I am a very communicative person, I like to be in contact with people, I am a very good listener. I enjoy practicing different kinds of sport( soccer, swiming, fitness, jogging).

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